Lily- Steel Grey

  • £65.00


The colour is - Cool Toned Grey

The style is- Layered Straight Style 

The length is 20 inches when pulled straight


She is made from a high quality heat safe synthetic fibre meaning you can use heat tools up to 170c degrees to curl or straighten her.

She also has about 1-2 inches of parting space on a soft invisible Swiss lace front.

She has a density of about 200% meaning she has lots of hair and is very full!

She has a natural contoured hairline with a small widows peak.

She has 3 combs inside sewn in for a more secure fit.


Includes a free wig cap & Care and restyling guide!

Customer Reviews

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Thank god ive found you!!

I’ve been hunting for a good, reasonably priced wig maker for ages to help me with my work!! Not only is the quality amazing but the finishing around the hairline is excellent I could easily wear this wig out and no one would be able to tell it wasn’t my real hair!! I can’t wait to add to my collection and try some different styles, thank you Webster